watercolor crayon demonstration

Caryn Crimmel suggested this approach and since we were shooting some shots for these pages, Debbie and I decided to give it a whirl.

For this we used, a lighter weight paper. You will need watercolor crayons, paper (of course) and walnut ink crystals.

See the photos below, for step-by-step instructions.

Step one in watercolor crayon demonstration.

For this technique, the paper was wettened and watercolor crayons in a couple of colors were applied to the damp paper.

Step 2 is to sprinkle walnut ink crystals onto the wet paper.

Next, the undiluted walnut crystals were sprinkled (somewhat sparingly) on the still damp paper.

Continue to sprinkle walnut ink onto the wet paper.

More of the same.

Water dissolving walnut ink on the paper.

Here you can see that the water from the paper has started to dissolve some of the crystals. If your paper has dried too fast or if you would like more movement of the ink, you can apply water with a spray.

Finished walnut ink with watercolor and crayon project.

This is the resulting paper. Some of the water color crayon has also dissolved and there is some movement of the ink crystals on top.