What to do with your brass, copper & bronze mesh, clad copper corners, copper butterflies, etc.

An extremely simple technique for altering metallic items (particularly copper) which is non-toxic but requires access to fire (the gas stove top, barbecue grill or a portable torch).

What happens if you want to give an aged appearance to your copper findings, but don't want to pull out the chemicals to rust, verdigris, etc. them?

Simple . . . use heat!

I took some of the clad copper corner findings and very carefully, using tongs and a heat proof glove, held the corners (one at a time) over the open flame of my gas-top stove. The degree of change that you get is directly proportional to the amount of time that the copper object is held in the flame. Held for a long time, almost any trace of the copper disappears. In its place is the most wonderful rainbow palette of colors.