folded, altered books by Kim Nickens

Our local book arts group had a holiday party that included  book exchange. I got my book idea from Pat Buckley.  It's based  on something she called "Reader's Digest Angels". 
Start with a small paperback book, something roughly the size of the Reader's Digest. After removing the covers, fold each page in exactly the same manner so that you achieve a more sculptural looking book form.  I've made altered books like this before, from small leaflets found at used bookstores, garage sales, etc.  For some, I folded the entire page in half lengthwise.  Continue folding until you run out of pages.
For the holiday book, I folded the top right corner of each page down to meet the spine.  For this book, the folds added enough bulk to the book so that it stayed open in a circular format.  For many smaller books with fewer pages, a half circle is what the folded pages will support.  No adhesives are necessary for the book to hold its shape.  Please note the tips below for selecting a paperback. There are endless variations that you can do with this technique. Okay, maybe not endless, but certainly a lot!
In the Reader's Digest version, each page is folded twice, a styrofoam head is added and the whole thing is spray painted gold!  I guess that's an option, but I love the way that the text looks on these folded, altered books.

Tips for choosing a paperback and folding the pages:

1.  Choose something that is of a reasonable length -- no James Michener  novels!
2.  It adds to the look of the altered book if the pages are discolored or  have  colored fore-edges, heads or tails, but make sure that  the pages  are not so  brittle that they crack when you fold them.
3.   If you want a completely symmetrical book, be careful to fold each  page  in exactly the same way.  Small differences in the way that the  pages are folded will show.  Asymmetrical folds look cool also.